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You know that George Kosch? Well he likes to surprise you by adding really cool – and USEFUL freebies to incorporate even more value into what we offer.

He’s done that again now, by adding a plugin called “POP NOTIFY” to the PRE-BUILT BLOGS. This plugin pop up is a small, unobtrusive box on the bottom of any WordPress page or post. The box can say and link to anything you want. Now DO NOT purchase this but to see what we paid for and view a description of what this plugin does, see it here

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Worldprofit recently announced a new Pre-Built Blog Service. The feedback has been outstanding – thanks for letting us know how much you enjoy these.

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Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool reopens. Thoughts on the man, his enduring greatness, and why over 24 million people visit annually and come away refreshed in mind and spirit.

by  Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Author’s program note: I am amongst the most vociferous critics of excessive government spending and waste, but today I am proud of the overdue restoration of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, a key part of what makes the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. such a serene and pleasing place, an absolutely essential destination for all citizens; a place which like Mecca, one must visit at least once in one’s life, thoughtful, respectful, yearning to be touched and uplifted by its lofty presence, never disappointed or let down.

The $34 million spent to restore the reflecting pool, the largest in the capital, is chump-change by Washington standards… but even if the cost was far more than it is, it would be money well spent…for the role of Abraham Lincoln, 16th president, is fundamental to understanding our Great Republic and reminding us just who we are and what we stand for.

Start by seeing and feeling what you see.

One of the several excellent vantage points for this revered tableau is from the Washington Monument. From this grand obelisk forever pointing up, the only suitable direction for our great endeavors, you see the long, rectangular pool which punctuates the National Mall. No true American, indeed no lover of freedom anywhere, can see this sight without a pang, for to walk the Mall and regard its monuments is to be touched by the greatest people of the nation, their exalted deeds and, always, their searing words which moved multitudes, inspiring the people, opening their minds and shaping our mission for bettering not just our lives but the lives of people worldwide, for that is a crucial and essential aspect of our national work.

How it all began.

There is a deep irony about the Lincoln Memorial and its jewel, the reflecting pool. If he had lived to complete his second term, it is unlikely Lincoln would have had such a monument. Instead, it might have been something like the nearby Jefferson Memorial, respectful to be sure but without the impact of what exists today. But a Southern sympathizer named John Wilkes Booth assassinated the president, and a nation riven by anger, rage, revenge, and a determination that this man and his mission be remembered forever, impelled the creation of an unparalleled civic temple which could not fail to impress and awe every visitor.

Its objective was to glorify Lincoln and the federal union he preserved. The resulting monument must, all agreed, make this abundantly clear, unmistakable, resounding through the years to come. Thus must Lincoln and his great deeds be remembered and raised high. The living Lincoln may not have wanted so much, probably would not… but for the martyred president the grieving, adamant nation would have it so and so it was.


But, of course, nothing in Washington then or now can be accomplished without disagreement, argument, posturing and rancor. Lincoln, for all that he was the savior of the Great Republic, was the first Republican president and as such anathema to the gentlemen of the defunct Confederacy and the Northern Democrats who relied on their votes and block support. Monument to Lincoln there might ultimately be, but the road to that end would be as acrimonious and obstructed as the defeated Confederates could make it and as unimpressive as their potent congressional power could influence.

Thus, starting in 1867, Congress passed the first of many bills designed to advance matters, this time by creating a commission to erect a Lincoln monument. But it and a plethora of similar legislation were stalled, not just for years but for decades, most notably by House Speaker (and Democrat) Joe Cannon who between 1901 and 1908 made sure every such bill was defeated. Great Lincoln had defeated these rebels and their pernicious notions in life. They would do what they could to defeat him in death. But even here they failed, and at long last in 1910 the necessary legislation was passed, funds voted, design and location approved. Now the great work could be started in earnest…

And so a classic Greek temple featuring Yule marble from Colorado arose. It had 36 fluted Doric columns, one for each of the 36 states in the Union at the time of Lincoln’s death. Above the colonnade, inscribed on the frieze, are the names of the 36 states in the Union when Lincoln died. Every aspect of this graceful monument of simplicity even severity, elegance and restrained grandeur reinforced just one concept: the integrity of our federal union, united, indissoluble, eternal. And there, in solemn majesty, the one man who more than any other made these words a reality.

There, as rendered by sculptor Daniel Chester French, Abraham Lincoln, 19 feet tall from head to foot, resides for the numberless ages, a man of power, determination, resolution, contemplation… and most important a man of mercy, empathy, and love as evidenced by the words selected to adorn the walls and make it clear to posterity who he was and what he believed.

Of course, the Gettysburg Address, once known by every school child (but not today), was inscribed. And so were the immortal words from Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address (1865): “With malice towards none; with charity for all… to do all which may achieve and cherish a just, and a lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations.”

Now it was time for the Reflecting Pool.

Along the way, it was decided that this temple as much to the Great Republic as to Lincoln, could be made glorious with a reflecting pool that would dramatically show the treasures of the National Mall while magnifying in its waters the Mall’s trees and an expansive sky seemingly without limit. And so the Reflecting Pool of 2,029 feet (over a third of a mile) was added, modeled on the grand canals of Versailles and Fontainebleau, to be dedicated along with the Memorial itself in 1922.

The last surviving Lincoln was present that notable day, eldest son Robert Todd, more a Todd  than a Lincoln. He never said what he thought about the apotheosis unto civic saint of the rough, ungainly, uncouth father who had so often embarrassed him. Whatever it was went with him to the grave.

Glorious again.

Over the years, this grand conception went steadily downhill, fetid, fouled with dirt, duck droppings, and trash. It was a monument to nothing more than poor management and oversight and because of its decaying fabric the loss of 500,000 gallons of city water a week, 30 million gallons a year. Now, thanks to public outrage and good old American technology and expertise, these problems are solved, not least the pool’s water supply which has been updated to eliminate stagnant water (and those noxious smells) by circulating water from the Tidal Basin. This place of a nation’s veneration is now magnificent again, ready for its unending stream of visitors, all needing Lincoln’s message of humanity and harmony, more necessary now than ever.

Author’s program note. For the music to accompany this article, I have selected “Dixie” written by Dan Emmett in 1859. Why this song, the finest reel ever written? Because of Lincoln himself. In 1865, he said “I have always thought that ‘Dixie’ was one of the best tunes I ever heard.” And so it is… You can find it in any search engine.

About the Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., providing a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses. Services include home business training, affiliate marketing training, earn-at-home programs, traffic tools, advertising, webcasting, hosting, design, WordPress Blogs and more. Find out why Worldprofit is considered the # 1 online Home Business Training program by getting a free Associate Membership today at

‘The winds of change’ blow over Africa — again. This time from the East. Is anybody paying attention to this world-altering trend?

by  Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Author’s program note. On February 3,1960 my distant cousin and British Prime Minister the Right Honorable Harold Macmillan delivered to the Parliament of South Africa a speech that changed not merely Africa but the entire world. It came to be called the “Winds of Change” speech thanks to a (generally misquoted) line in the text:

“The wind of change is blowing through this continent. Whether we like it or not, this growth of national consciousness is a political fact.”

When the speech was reported, “the wind of change” became “the winds of change”, and even the author himself came to use the misquoted version. The first volume of his memoirs (1966) was titled “The Winds of Change” and rightly so since this single speech and the ruling Conservative Party’s 180-degree shift on the grave issue of decolonization and self-rule was the result of many winds, not just one. And these winds not only continue to blow; they blow now with new intensity and force. This time from the East, from China. We are all feeling these winds. They are important already… and each day they become more so as they build to gale force and a world we will hardly recognize, our own hegemony an historic fact, no longer an active reality.

For this geo-political transformation of the first magnitude, I have selected as its musical theme one of composer John Barry’s most moving compositions, “Out of Africa” (1986) for which he received the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score. It evokes a world now gone forever. Find it in any search engine…

“Nature abhors a vacuum”.

According to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC), “Nature abhors a vacuum”. He based his conclusion on the observation that nature requires every space to be filled with something, even if that something is colorless, odorless air. Thus as the great nations of Europe departed Africa (as symbolized by plantation owner Baroness von Blixen-Finecke, brilliantly portrayed by Meryl Streep in the film), a half century of political chaos, genocide, and flagrant misrule made the Dark Continent even darker.

Having done everything to eject the Europeans, the new gimcrack regimes, needing everything Europe had to offer, now begged for assistance from their former masters. On the principle “Once bitten, twice shy”, the Europeans largely demurred, passing up the opportunity to be promised much, getting little in return except the joy of being derided as “neo-colonizers”. It was left to the one remaining world power to help… and in the belief that they were fighting godless Communism America entered Africa with an open check book making local dictators who had the brains to prate the right platitudes immensely rich, powerful, and ruthless.

This farrago of good governance went on until the Berlin Wall fell (November 9, 1989) whereupon Soviet Russia was forced to acquiesce in the freedom of all its former subject states, including Russia itself. One of the consequences of this sea-change was the speed with which America dropped its no-longer imperative Africa mission.  “Here today, gone tomorrow” pretty much summed it up… Thus as Uncle Sam’s representatives packed and left, quick foot, a vacuum opened… and Beijing, having bided its time as only the Chinese can do, cautiously decided on the most bold and audacious of advance policies. “Out of Africa” by others became the perfect time for the Chinese to go “In to Africa.”

And they have, exhibiting a derring-do not seen since Henry Stanley went deep in the heart of Africa to say, “Dr. Livingston, I presume?” (November 10, 1871) If that famous meeting occurred today it might instead be Chinese president Hu Jintao shaking hands and “I presuming”  foreign secretary Yang Jiechi. Both would have dazzling smiles on their faces, the size an indication of the success occasioning them. For make no mistake, China’s economic and foreign policies over the past 20 years are dazzling, brilliant, perhaps (but only perhaps) even better than they might have wished or expected. Beijing has become one of the two great capitals on Spaceship Earth. You may guess the other…

Unthinkable just twenty years ago.

When I was growing up in the ’50s, we regularly had missionaries to our church and home. These brought tales of a China on her knees, weighed down with all the baggage of any third-world country. If one of the three children wouldn’t eat one thing or another, my father would intone his standard admonition for such circumstances and remind us that our peers in China were starving to death and would eat with gratitude every morsel we disdained. No one, absolutely no one would have predicted that this vision of China was already severely flawed and outmoded… or that the biggest turn-about in history was already underway…. What had changed?

The Chinese people and government made a deal with the Devil. In return for retaining political power and control, the Communist Party ceded economic power… in other words, they conferred the right to be plutocrats on people who now had every trait needed to advance, including a work ethic, patience, and focus that shamed the rest of the world. China grabbed French king Louis Philip’s famous aphorism “Enrichez vous”… No one in this industrious nation needed to be told twice. To keep this voracious money-making giant happily fed, China began to cast a covetous look at Africa, a place where the raw materials it needed could be found in abundance…. and easily gathered…. so long as they adjusted their approach and language so there was no whiff of the former detested regime. It was a trivial change, and China made it without regret or equivocation. Thus began a story of the greatest possible importance. The numbers now tell the tale.

“The thousand mile journey starts with a single step.”

There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “The thousand mile journey begins with a single step.” Thus in 1980, China’s trade with Africa was just $1 billion USD. In 1999 it was $6.5 billion USD; in 2000 USD $10 billion. These were the baby giant’s warm up steps… one of the most determined people on Earth was just getting started… They had crafted their model, created their plan. Now they worked it with a vengeance:

Total Chinese-African trade reached USD $55 billion in 2006. US trade with Africa that year was $91 billion USD… just 4 years later, 2010, China surged well ahead, with $114 billion USD. It was a whole new ball game… and so the winds of change were well and truly blowing as the zestful, indefatigable bureaucrats of a new kind of Communism brainstormed strategies to control Africa’s most valuable oil lands in Sudan and Angola… copper from Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They unhesitatingly made the deals they had to make to control the nations they had to control to keep the forges of China working, working, working, day and night, never ceasing, always growing, and still too little noted or understood.

Another $20 billion to advance China in Africa, the announcement of the biggest loan yet.

Thursday, July 19, 2012 was a red-letter day in Beijing. Every politician whatever his stripes likes to be in the happy position of giving away money, and Chinese president Hu Jintao is no exception. Thus July 19 must have been among the best days of his industrious life. For on that day he announced that his government would lend $20 billion USD to continue China’s mission to Africa.

His audience was a gathering of African leaders smiling at so much money (twice the amount pledged at the last such meeting in 2009). Many must have been wondering just how much they could pocket how fast. It is the African way of business… The Chinese way is different… Not to take a little, but to give as much as possible, and thereby get even more. And so this day Hu Jintao gave and gave and gave… including roads, pipelines and ports… He gave Africa training for 30,000; he gave Africa 18,000 scholarships; he gave Africa 1,500 medical personnel. The crowd, the creme de la creme of African leadership, first smiled, then clapped, then were on their feet shouting their approval for such largesse… largesse without stint, without condescension, without strings, and best of all, without end. This is the Chinese way, and it works.

South African president Jacob Zuma praised China’s approach, saying it was preferred to Africa’s experience with Europe. “We are particularly pleased that in our relationship with China, we are equals and that agreements entered into are for mutual gain.” It is a measure of the Chinese magic that their clear objective, their distinct neo-colonizing habits have received no rebuke whatsoever from Africans so very sensitive on this subject. That is how supremely well the Chinese play this all-important game determining the fate of millions.

“Why America Slept.”

In 1940 a young John F. Kennedy published a version of a thesis written in his senior year at Harvard College (1938). Titled “Why England Slept” it examines the failures of the British government to take steps to prevent World War II. It also examined the build-up of German power. It is a remarkable book for one so young and might well have found a publisher on its own merits had the author’s father not pulled the strings pulled so well to make it happen.

I hope now some perceptive student is at work on a similar dissertation about how our Great Republic lost Africa. If not, one should seize this opportunity to research and write such a timely book. It could well make you famous and even perhaps awaken our own leadership to the looming catastrophe for us already so well advanced. Otherwise we are out of Africa for good and the winds will blow from the East forever.

About the Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., providing a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses. Services include home business training, affiliate marketing training, earn-at-home programs, traffic tools, advertising, webcasting, hosting, design, WordPress Blogs and more. Find out why Worldprofit is considered the # 1 online Home Business Training program. Get a free Associate Membership today at – the online home business experts.

Of early New England apples.


by Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

Author’s program note. It was once commonly remarked that an apple a day kept the doctor away. Nowadays arduous Medicare regulations perform the same task with distressing results for the body politic. With this observation, I therefore pledge myself to the tried ways and true, though I am not averse to a little progress, so long as it is easily accomplished and does not make me take exercise or appear antediluvian, behind the times, a living, breathing artifact.

Thus in this article you will find things that are actually good for you and readily available; things that are not so expensive that budgets are busted; things that run you happily down memory lane; things that, once mastered, turn even the most pedestrian and uninspired cook into le cordon bleu, the very gratin.

What am I talking about with such certainty? Just this: malus domestica, the pomaceous fruit we call the apple and which is arguably the world’s favorite fruit with over 7,500 known cultivars, each distinctive, each catering to the finicky tastes of our never-quite-ever-satisfied species. Looking for all these different kinds of apples immediately takes one back to tableaux by Currier and Ives, its every stage shear beauty and soul-satisfying, seen at an ambling pace that refreshes, not fatigues. Apples, you see, are not just a fruit; they are a statement about what makes life worth living, and they are happy to share their insights from ages past with us humans who abide so short and contemplate so little, passing on even less.

For the musical accompaniment to this happy journey through apple orchards near and far; surely one of the most serene and joyful journeys of your life, I give you John Chapman, known to the world as Johnny Appleseed. He was born in 1774 in Leominster, Massachusetts, not far from where I’m writing you. He commenced his wanderings and civic vocation in 1801 in what was then the Ohio Territory, the planting, care and maintenance of apple trees, each a child to him, known, remembered and loved.

Johnny Appleseed, poet.

He must have had at least a touch of the poet about him, at least his endless peregrinations produced lyric results, from spring flowering trees, to places of verdant summer shade and the cascade of autumn fruit. Yes, he must have been part poet. We see it in the trees he planted and their bounteous harvests, the recurring grandeur of the orchards, the tidy and meticulous acres of the folks who tended them. I tell you, each was a scene it would take a master like Constable to rival.

Lucky John Chapman who in the apple found his metier and a path to helping humans and so assisting God. Walt Disney, who knew a good story when he heard one, turned (in the 1948 film starring Dennis Day as Johnny’s voice) the man and his mission into what Disney did best: an oeuvre at once informative, inspiring, and entertaining. Go now and find it in any search engine. It is a happy tune about a useful man fortunate in his work until the day he passed in 1845, 1847 or 1848; authorities differ as they so often do.

VIP fruit. Red carpet treatment expected.

As the apples themselves will proudly tell you, they have made a lot of people happy, people everywhere on Earth, for the plant travels well and eagerly adapts to its new surroundings. They are used to being welcomed with open arms by the very best people and are never disappointed or underwhelmed by the lassitude of their neighbors. That might be the case with other, lesser fruits. But it is never the case with the apple until…

The case of the apple no apple in God’s garden, the Garden of Eden.

Once upon a time, there was, according to the Book of Genesis, the hugest scandal involving God, Adam and Eve, a serpent and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. There was also an apple on that tree. The action went like this: God created the garden (and everything else). He told Adam and Eve to enjoy themselves but stay away from the Tree and its apple, OR ELSE…

Of course that saucy wench Eve just couldn’t take her eyes off the apple. Women are just that way. The cunning serpent saw to that and against such a combo and constant enticement, poor little Adam was outmaneuvered in no time, bit that apple, and turned as bright red. He confronted at once a very abashed and under dressed Eve, saying “Pookie, we’ve got Big Trouble”… an apt deduction the Big Guy immediately confirmed, recommending they open a joint account at Brooks Brothers for some cool threads and next time listen to Him. He then booted them out of Eden and sent them a list of chores to keep them busy and out of trouble, though in the event that didn’t work either. They were just a bad lot.

The apple did it.

Predictably, the apple got hit from all sides. There were those who thought the apple the responsible party. The apple in turn said, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Everyone had an opinion and was adamant that THEY WERE RIGHT. The only thing all agreed upon was this: in the face of this worldwide controversy, sales were falling… and the ironic thing wasn’t that the apple was innocent (or guilty) but that there shouldn’t have been an apple in the story at all. Huh? Back up a mile! What do you mean there’s no apple in Eden?

Well, Bible scholars now agree the “apple” was the result of a misspelling in medieval days when “malus” (which means evil) was mistaken for “malum” (which means apple), and so a couple thousand years of history and millions of page references are wrong, wrong,wrong. Quick. Get me rewrite!

(By the way, now that the apple has been discredited, reputable scholars who just love a good donnybrook like this have suggested the grape, fig, pomegranate, wheat and even the mushroom as the correct answer… all on the very best authority.) Whippee, this will take millennia to work out and that’s a fact! Your guess is as good as anyone’s.

New England, 6 states, one request: come visit us and savor the good life, available in any apple.

In the meantime, apple lovers should come to New England for apples that are really apples… and not dissertation topics. And they should come now because this year’s delectable harvest is in, early… thus defying dire predictions that this year’s early spring followed by a frost meant many fewer apples. But apples like to surprise, and this year they have done just that. The crop will not be a record, but it will be ample for all, and this is good news for you, the better the closer you are to God’s true Eden, an apple orchard, a place where God did some of His best work.

Now go to any search engine and search on “apple orchards” in your state. Plan a little excursion for you and your family, gadding about, having yourself a good old time. And do try to find orchards which allow you to pick the apples yourself. I guarantee that the Honeycrisps, the McLeans, and those ultra flavorful Galas and all the dozens of others will taste all the better for your efforts.

Go now, happy voyager, for every tree is heavy laden for you and the crowding apples have turned the very air sweet with their inimitable perfume. They await your pleasure and all the sumptuous uses which John Chapman’s personal angel sings of to inspire Johnny’s work: apple tarts and apple fritters… apple pies and apple dumplings… and that’s just for openers. Apples, don’t you know, go with most everything, especially happy faces.

And one more thing: when on some warm, enfolding springtime day you see a crowd of clouds above an apple orchard, those aren’t clouds at all. They are the celestial manifestation of all the thousands of apple trees he planted, now blooming forever more high above and heralding us in a torrent of pink and white petals. Johnny did it all for you and me… and though he was funny looking, scrawny, his cooking pot on his head, wrapped in old burlap from a feed store, make no mistake he was a great person, full of goodness and love. God, you’ll remember, moves in mysterious ways, and Johnny Appleseed proves the point. The Lord was good to him… and helps those who help themselves… and each other.

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