Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: 8 Ways We are Working for YOU!

8 Major Elements of Worldprofit’s System that are ALWAYS WORKING to help YOU make money.

1. Associate Sign up Process
2. Integrated List Building
3. 24 HR Sales Closing in the Live Business Center
4. Multiple Sources of Income
5. Ongoing Marketing, Tools, Software
6. Training – online lessons, videos and LIVE sessions each week
7. Trusted Traffic and Lead Sources
8. Support – 7 days a week

The entire Worldprofit program is built on promotion to attract leads, also called Associates. There are FREE Associate Members. They don’t pay anything to become a free Associate Member.

By promoting on a consistent basis to generate free Associate Members (leads) you are building your online business one person at a time.

You sign up free Associate Members using the Landing pages, and advertising aids we provide in your Member area. You promote these to the list of places we recommend, both free and paid options are available.

When people sign up as a free Associate member at Worldprofit they can:

-stay on as just a free Associate Member
-upgrade to Silver or Platinum VIP Membership – monthly or on a prepaid one year term.
-buy any of the other hundreds of ebooks, software, money making products, advertising etc that we offer
-subscribe to any of your external lists for your own list building purposes

When your Associate logs in to their free member account, they are greeted by one of our Monitors who are in the Live Business Center 24 hours a day. Associates are made an offer to upgrade to a paid Silver Membership. The value to YOU of the LIVE BUSINESS CENTER should be clear. Promotion is the key to seeing a conversion to sales.

You receive commissions of 20 – 100% commission when an Associate you refers upgrades to Silver or Platinum VIP Membership or purchases various products or services. A complete commission chart of what you make, how much and on what is in your Member area. No commission is paid to you for signing up free Associate members, commission is only paid to you, if the free Member then goes on to buy a product or service.

Worldprofit continues to send an emailed Newsletter every few days to ALL Associates. The email includes offers, incentive, promotions, products for sale, and various free giveaways to encourage them to logon to their Free Associate member account. This newsletter gets sent out from our head office and you do not have to do anything.

This ongoing, integrated, automated process allows YOU and all our members to focus 100% on promotion and the signing up of new Associates.

List building is critical to making sales today, tomorrow and down the road as you build your online business. Worldprofit’s entire program helps you to not just sign up the Associate initially but helps you build your own marketing lists, so you can maintain contact and an ongoing sales relationship with that person. Your membership includes hundreds of products you can sell to earn commission, and this is where the VALUE of your email marketing list should become very obvious to you.

In your Member area are recommended traffic sources in your Member area, some paid, some free. You can use these sites to promote any and all your programs, not just Worldprofit. Included in your Membership is a MONTHLY TRAFFIC INJECTION, make sure you have activated this. If you have not yet reviewed the ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC section in your Member area spend some time in there. These resources will save you time and frustration. In his bootcamp training, George Kosch explains how to avoid getting ripped off by buying fake traffic. Watch these videos (in the training section, or do a search using the search window) and attend the LIVE training sessions. Traffic is critical to building your online business, but if you are not getting it from reputable sources you will quickly grow frustrated and drain your pockets. This kind of valuable information that is shared with you and demonstrated in the training makes the cost of your Worldprofit Membership well worth it.

NOTE: For those of you in OTHER or MULTIPLE Affiliate programs, you can learn about online marketing and how to generate steady leads and traffic by following our training program and utilizing the resources included in your Membership, What we teach and the resources provided can be used to build ANY online business. The PLR store alone includes over 200 products to help you learn and understand how to market online. Add to this the video training library, the Resellers Club, the three Facebook Marketing Courses, the SEO tools and you have finger tip access and a home base for ALL your online ventures.

If you do not understand this or need help getting on track here is what you should do now.

1. In your Member area on the TOP MENU where it says TRAINING, watch the BEGINNERS VIDEO.
2. On the main page of your Member area, scroll down to the section with the Bootcamp Lessons. We have 100+ lesson plans that teach you exactly what to do, how to use the resources and how to make money in our program.
3. Attend the LIVE TRAINING on Fridays with George Kosch. These are LIVE and interactive so you can ask questions, see demonstrations on screen, find out what works and what doesn’t work, what’s new and what’s coming. These sessions are highly informative and also recorded then posted to the Training section.
4. If you get stuck or need help, submit a SUPPORT FORM to our Support team but make sure PLEASE that you have FIRST watched the BEGINNERS video mentioned above.


Get them while they last!

Worldprofit offers a limited supply of leads.

These are people who have completed an online form within the last 3 days saying they would like to learn about a home business opportunity. We buy these leads from a trusted vendor and load them daily to the Member area.

The cost is low and the quality is high as determined by the feedback from our buyers.

Use these leads as prospects for ANY of your affiliate programs and of course also for Worldprofit membership sales. These leads have confirmed when requesting information that they have at least $100 available to start a home business.

We make NO profit on these leads.

If you want to buy leads – for any of your online programs, this is a trusted source.

Here’s how to get your leads:

On LEFT menu in your Member area click on the RED NUMBER that indicates how many leads are available now.



Details and pricing are there, see for yourself where these leads come from and why they are so in demand.

Home Business Bootcamp Newsletter By

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Last 48 HOURS to save as much as 50%.

We’ve had people come to us and say they found Worldprofit years ago – but didn’t take us seriously.
If they had, they would have been operating their own business for many many years now.
They would have built up their list, their customers, and their sales just as our training shows you.
Unfortunately they didn’t take it serious then. They continued to dabble with little result.

We’ve heard from a lot of you this week saying THIS is the year they are going to dig in, do the work and get the results.

What about you?

Are you going to make 2015 YOUR year to get serious about making money online to BUILD and GROW your own business?

Take advantage of year end pricing on our long term Memberships.

Switch from a Monthly Silver or Platinum Membership to a 1, 3 or 5 year membership and you can SAVE UP to 50%.

Lock in your rate before proposed 2015 rate increases take effect January 1st.

Loyalty and commitment has its rewards at Worldprofit.

Stop worrying about your monthly payments, switch to a longer term Membership and focus 100% on your promotions.

NOTE: You may be able to write your Membership cost off as a training expense, talk to your Accountant or Tax Preparer. Depending on where you live, some of our Members have been able to write off their training / membership costs. Look into it!

Get your personalized quote for a 1, 3 or 5 Year Term by submitting a Support Request Form.
We will review your account and get back to you ASAP.

Commit to yourself. Invest in yourself. Take action now to build your successful online future.

Home Business Bootcamp Newsletter By

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: George hopes to see you FRIDAY morning to get you on track !

REMINDER! LIVE interactive training with George Kosch is Friday at 8 AM CT.

If you are new to Worldprofit YOU especially should attend. This training is 100% focused on getting you on track for earning consistent income from a NUMBER of legitimate online sources. Bring your questions and request demonstrations. Learn from George. He’s your personal instructor available to you EVERY FRIDAY morning. Access is within your Member area. No cost for Silver and Platinum VIP Members.
If you cannot attend the LIVE session it’s recorded and you can watch later on.

Many of our Worldprofit Members are actively promoting ClickBank (CB) products.

Recognizing this, we have created exclusively for Worldprofit Members, the CB Maximizer.

The CB Maximizer was designed to offer you an automated way to sell ClickBank products

What we have done for you is create automated landing pages, here is an example:
This is a lead generating system to capture the contact information of your prospective buyer. A bonus is offered to entice the reader to enter their contact details, and allow them to optin to receive your mailings. When they optin, the person then goes on to a special autoresponder list. Every two days your prospective buyer will be sent random products from your Clickbank Promo Kit (more on the CB Promo Kit in another lesson). They can optout anytime should they choose to do so. Every 2 days, they will get a CB Product letter with your CLOAKED links. This includes a signature file from our new PROFILE area (right under your name on the top left menu) which includes your promo links. We also include a link for them to get 50,000 free visitors and much much more. That means every 2 days you are marketing EVERYTHING IN YOUR ARSENAL to hundreds of people –> EVERY TWO DAYS!! Think of the money stream this means for you.

PLUS you can add one of your external autoresponders to our system. When you add it you will then be able to add leads to both your Clickbank Maximizer list AND your external aWeber, getResponse, or GVO.

How do you use the CB Maximizer to earn money?

Easy! You send out the letters to all of your safelists in the SAME way you send out the CB promo kit letters. Every day you market just as you would with the regular promo kit except the results change. How? You get leads on your CB Maximizer Autoresponse System!!! And, you get to see who is on and get a DAILY REPORT sent to your email of what is happending in your business.

We urge you to now watch this short screencast video in your Member area that overviews the CB Maximizer so you can see how it works, and how you earn money with this software.

Here’s how to access more information on the CB Maximizer:

In your Member area, on left menu, select CLICKBANK STORE, then select CLICKBANK MAXIMIZER
If you are logged in to your member area the following direct link will take you there:

Note: The CB Maximizer is not included in the standard Silver or the Platinum VIP Membership.
It is an optional service offered to those interested in promoting ClickBank products for yet another source of income.

–> Here’s what Sharon Sommerville said when we asked which of her Worldprofit tools she uses the most:

" I use ALL of the Worldprofit tools…. The CB Maximizer is amazing and I love it."

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: George Kosch picks Linda Elze’s Brain. Come watch.

George Kosch will be interviewing Linda Elze LIVE on Tuesday Oct 14th at 1 pm ET.

Linda Elze is a multi-year Worldprofit Top Seller and she is going to share exactly what she does to earn consistent online income day after day, year after year.

Come. Learn. Listen. Do.

The event will be in Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center and it will be recorded so you can watch later if you cannot attend the LIVE session.
Just login to your Member area and you are there!

We hope to see you there – especially if you are SERIOUS about making consistent income.

If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved what you want, then do what they do.

* * * * * *


Worldprofit is now offering in limited supply, exclusive LEAD packages.

We’ve been searching for some time now for a company that could provide our customers with quality leads. Real people interested in an Online business opportunity, MLM or other affiliate type money making program.
Our criteria was high.
Leads had to be REAL people who requested information on a home based business by filling out an online form in the last few days.
They could not be harvested, recycled or fakes.
We’ve finally found a source that provides what we insisted on and we could recommend to our members!

So…we can now offer EXCLUSIVE LEADS to our members…
25 or 50 lead packages.
Here is the order link . You must hurry as they are ONLY added once per day:
or click on Prospects on the top menu and follow the order link near the top.
These are provided in limited supply to keep the qualify HIGH.

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Smart Questions!

Thank you to Kevin Colman!

Kevin sent in an awesome review of what he thinks of Worldprofit… and he’s had a taste of a number of different programs out there! Read this.

"George, that was a great informative bootcamp training session. I have been a member of Chris Farrells site as well as Sean Donohoe and many others over the last 15 years or more. I first bought Mal Emereys course for mail order, then bought a product off Mike Filsaime, Steven Pierce, Ewen Chai and the list goes on. I have been overseas for different conferences where I have met other Internet Marketers like Fabian Lim, John Childers and many others that I can not remember right now, but none of them have what Worldprofit has, everything already set up so people can easily use it once they get their head around it. Thanks again George. "
All the best, Kevin Colman

We appreciate so much when we get feedback from our Members about how our services are helping you build your own successful online business!
~ George Kosch, Sandi Hunter, Dr. Jeffrey Lant

* * * * *

Common "SMART" Questions we often get at Worldprofit Support and the ANSWERS which we hope will help you.

Question? What do the Top Sellers in Worldprofit do to make money?
Answer: The Top Sellers follow the bootcamp training to learn the skills then apply what they learn to build multiple streams of income.
They consistently promote as often as they can to generate leads and build their email marketing list.
They attend the LIVE training on Fridays or watch the recorded version.
They repeat these three things.

Question? How often should I promote?
Answer. As often as you can.

Question? WHAT do I promote?
Answer: Use the landing pages in your Member area. They are ready for you to use now.
Or use the included Landing Page builder to make your own.

Question? WHERE do I promote?
Answer: In your Member area in the ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC section are TONS of recommended places.
Or promote wherever you like but DO promote. The online bootcamp lessons teach you what you need to know.

Question? Do I have to spend money to promote?
Answer: You can use only free advertising sources or you can use paid sources – or both!
In your Member area in the ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC section are both free and paid recommended sources.
We also offer a lead service – real people looking for a home based business.
The price for these leads is super low and is OPTIONAL.
On TOP menu in your Member area click on PROSPECTS to learn more about leads for purchase.

Question? When is the LIVE training by George Kosch?
Answer: Every Friday morning at 8 AM CT. ALL live sessions are also recorded so there is no reason to miss this training.
(This interactive training is for you – not us! We know already how to do this stuff).

Question? Where are the online Bootcamp training lessons?
Answer: Main page of your Member area, on TOP MENU click on TRAINING.

Question? What are the common characteristics of the Top Sellers who are earning consistent income?

Never stop promoting.
Never give up.
Never lose focus.
Never stop learning.

Question? Is there help available to get me on track?

YES! 7 days a week! 365 days a year we offer support services for you.
Simply submit a Support ticket, and we will get back to you quickly.
The link to the Support form is on the TOP MENU, click on SUPPORT.

* * * * *

If you missed the LIVE training with George Kosch on FRIDAY morning…..

The recording of the session can be viewed by clicking on this link below:

Next LIVE training session is Friday Oct 17, 2014. 8 AM CT. We hope to see YOU there.

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: THANK YOU to…

A BIG thank you goes out to Wallace Johnson for taking the time to share what he thinks of Worldprofit’s earn at home training program – after nearly 10 YEARS with us!

"George Kosch has done it again! In a short seven minute video, he points out the necessary elements needed to be successful at making money on the cyber highway called the Internet. It starts with the purchase of a Silver Package Dealership in Worldprofit. I have been a Senior Monitor and Dealer with Worldprofit almost ten years now, and I highly recommend Worldprofit. I have been successful with it and so should you! The training sessions alone are worth the price of the monthly membership. Welcome aboard!

Wallace Johnson MBA MCEC
Apollo Project Test Pilot
(The Lunar Landing Mission)
Commander Spaceship DEWAJ

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: George is buying some ads, get in on the ad co-op now.

It’s September and time to get back to business. Summer is over. It’s SALES season.

George just walked by my office and told me he was on his way to booking some advertising for the Fast Track Ad Co-op. Here’s how this helps YOU.

Are you short on time? Not sure where to advertise? Going to be away for a a bit?

Take advantage of our Fast Track Visitors Program – it’s an advertising co-op!

We buy the ads for you! We are seeing a high conversion of leads that come in from this ad co-op.

This ad co-op is very popular with those that have limited time for promotion, aren’t sure where and how to advertise, and trust George Kosch to post the paid ads in tested places.

100% of the funds from this ad co-op go directly into our paid ad campaign.

Let George Kosch buy the advertising and deliver the leads generated direct to you!

Here’s the cost and how to get in on the Fast Track Visitors ad co-op.

Order 8,000 FastTrack Visitors and get:
Cost: 89.95 US (*****Absolute Best value!)


Order 4,000 FastTrack Visitors and get:
Cost: $49.95 US

–> To order, login to your member area, from left menu select, ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC then click on FAST TRACK VISITORS. There, you can read more about how and where these Associate leads are generated and why they are so valuable, then place your order.

* * * * *

Are you new to Worldprofit? Here’s what to do.

If you haven’t get started the bootcamp lessons do so now
In your Member area on the MAIN PAGE, scroll down the page to see your tasks.
Do what it says to progress to the next lesson.
Those who make sales DO the training then DO the promotion.

You can find an archive of previous training videos in the TRAINING SECTION linked on the TOP MENU.

If you are looking for specific videos by topic or key word you can search in our Home Business Video Library at

Finally, if you want to know what you have to do to make money – in one word – PROMOTE.
The resources and training are ALL in your Member area.
Dig in, get busy, promote, promote, promote.
No promotion, no income.

If you need help submit a SUPPORT TICKET. Link is on TOP MENU. We are here to help you 7 days a week.

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: The August TOP 10 Sellers are..

August is a tough month for sales. It’s hot. People are busy on holidays enjoying the last summer days. It’s too easy to slow down on your business activities.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following for promoting consistently to staying track to keep your business growing!

August’s Top 10 Sellers are…

1. Linda Elze
2. Howard Martell
3. Garrett L Hutsko
4. Jessica Elwood
5. John Wedin
6. Tania Vick
7. Wallace Johnson
8. Anthony Slate
9. Lawrence Taffaro
10. Nick Verna

If you didn’t make the TOP 10 list but still made sales – HOORAY – give yourself a pat on the back for that!
You are on your way to the Top Sellers list. You’ll get there. Stick with it.

If you didn’t make sales in August NOW is the time to get back to the bootcamp training.
Do your promotions as OFTEN as you can. Refer those free Associates and get them into the LIVE Business Center. The more people you refer the MORE opportunities you have to make sales. The Monitors man the Live Business Center 24 hours a day – when anyone you refer comes in they are made an offer to upgrade to a paid membership. When they do YOU get the commission. That’s what we mean when we say our Monitors are WORKING for you! They are working to close sales for you – all you have to do is PROMOTE. All the tools and resources to do so are INCLUDED in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership.

Dig in. Get busy. Make September your best sales month yet!

See you at the LIVE interactive training on Friday at 8 AM CT with George Kosch.
He will be ready as your personal bootcamp instructor to get you knuckled down and doing what you have to, to start getting results. This training is 100% focused on YOU and your success. Teaching you step by step what you need to do to earn consistent online income from a number of sources. Take advantage of what is included in your Membership. (It’s also recorded so you can watch later).

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: I’ve done everything you said and I haven’t made any money! Help!

The following is a Support Ticket received from a Member and we are so happy he asked for help.
We’ve included it just in case you are reading this and feeling the same way and our response will help you too.

"I’ve done everything you have said to do and I haven’t made any money! What am I doing wrong? Help!"

Action and response from Worldprofit Support:

A review of the Member’s account revealed the following concerns:

1. Member is only on Lesson 2 of the training after 21 days in the program.
2. Member has not attended any of the LIVE training sessions offered by George Kosch every week with demos and Questions and Answer sesssions.
3. Member has not watched any of the recorded training videos.
4. Member’s Ad Tracker data reveals NO promotion in 21 days.

Corrective action recommended.

1. Do what it says to do on Lesson 2 to progress to next lesson. Follow the training tasks for each lesson to know and understand exactly what you need to do.

2. Attend the LIVE training sessions offered every Friday morning by George Kosch. He is your personal bootcamp instructor. On screen LIVE he demonstrates how to use the tools and resources included n your membership. He provides detailed information on how to promote and build your online business. This training is not based on hype, it’s based on REAL LIVE daily application of the required tasks needed to earn consistent online income. Attend these sessions, ask questions, watch the demonstations and take notes.

3. The LIVE training sessions are ALL recorded and posted to the TRAINING section. If you cannot attend the LIVE training watch the recorded version.

4. You must promote consistently to make money. The bootcamp training lessons teach you how to promote, where to promote, what to promote and advise you to check your AD TRACKER to evaluate your promotion. The Ad Tracker is INCLUDED in both the Silver and Platinum VIP Membership and has one purpose – to TRACK your promotion and advertising and reveal to you if what you are doing is working or not. George Kosch covers this in the bootcamp training lessons. If you don’t follow the training you will be lost, overhwlemed, frustrated and will give up. Why would you give up on yourself when the training and support is available to you 365 days a year? No one else offers the extensive number of services, training, support and resources as what we’ve built up over the last 20 years here at Worldprofit. We are not giving up on you, please don’t give up on your own potential to succeed.

Did you know that the TOP SELLERS have access to the same resources as you do – it’s all in your Member area. Many of them also got frustrated in the early days, but they stuck with it, made mistakes, learned the skills now apply what they have learned consistently to earn ongoing revenues from a variety of online income programs.

For all Members, PLEASE follow the training. If you are new to online marketing understand it takes time to learn how to do this. Once you learn what we teach you then you can apply these skills to ANY ONLINE BUSINESS, or affiliate program. Multiple streams of income are recommended but you must understand that basics or you will fail at ANY business you attempt. It’s not easy, but you owe it to yourself to make an honest effort and follow in the footsteps of so many others who ARE earning consistent online income.

Next LIVE Bootcamp Training with George Kosch is Friday August 22nd at 8 AM CT. Will you be there? Hope so!

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: I’m gonna do it.

"I’m gonna do it."

"I’m gonna stick to the training."

"I’m gonna start promoting more."

We hear these words from Members every day in Worldprofit’s Support Department.

Smart, eager people with good intentions who never actually roll up their sleeves to DO the work it takes to earn consistent online income.

Don’t say you are "gonna do it"! DO IT. No one else is going to do it for you. It’s up to you.

Your Bootcamp Instructor George Kosch has your daily to do list for you.

Understand that you need to sign up Associate Members EVERY DAY to see a conversion to sales.

1. Post DAILY!

How many posting have you done today?
If the answer is ZERO what are you waiting for! Use the new Landing pages we’ve added and use the list of places we recommend that you post. Use free ads or paid ads, or a combination of both. We list both kinds of resources in your member area under the Advertising/Traffic section on left menu.

2. Check your Ad Tracker data DAILY!

What does your AD TRACKER tell you about your promotion?
Are you getting clicks on your ad?
You want at least an average of 100 per DAY, with 200 being a good average amount, and any higher than that terrific!
Find your Ad Tracker on the LEFT menu under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC.

3. Tally how many Associates you have signed up DAILY!

How many Associates have you signed up today?
If the answer is ZERO, then you need to go back to PROMOTING, then check your Ad Tracker.

The resources do to this are ALL in your Worldprofit member area, the bootcamp training shows you what to do.

On the TOP MENU click on TRAINING and there you will see the lessons.

Go at your own pace.

We teach you the basics that you must understand so you can promote ANY online business and make consistent online income.

We’ve been helping people all over the world to make money online for over 20 years now.

With this experience, we can tell you one thing with 100% certainty – those people that follow the training and apply what we teach consistently make money. The training teaches you HOW and where and why to promote

It’s that simple.

In one word, the ONE thing that you should do EVERY day is….


There is no secret, there is no shortcut, it’s a matter of doing (really DOING) what we teach you to get results.

George Kosch and our entire support team is here to help you 7 days a week but YOU must make the personal commitment.

If you are stuck submit a Support Ticket and our team can further direct you.

Promotion = Profit. No promotion means ZERO profit.