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Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Dr. Jeffrey Lant’s new book is now available on Amazon Kindle and more

It’s a great honour to have the pleasure of announcing Dr. Lant’s latest creation right here:

A Connoisseur’s Journey: Being the artful memoirs of a man of wit, discernment, pluck, and joy.

If you decide to purchase please do post a review to Amazon and give us a testimonial in the member area (link at top right).

We plan to do a formal ceremony in the live business center in the near future to pay tribute to Dr. Lant for his incredible new book. Watch for an announcement in this newsletter and the message center soon.

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Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: 10 days into the month we have 10 TOP Sellers! Who’s made it?

Congratulations to the following people who are on the TOP SELLERS list for the month of March.

10 days into the month and you are getting results. Well done. Keep that momentum.

1. Linda Elze (Platinum VIP)

2. Robert Janeczko (Silver)

3. Howard Martell (Platinum VIP)

4. Knut Petter Nor (Platinum VIP)

5. Lance Sumner (Platinum VIP)

6. Leo Laurent (Platinum VIP)

7. Anthony Slate (Platinum VIP)

8. Diane Dohrn (Platinum VIP)

9. Garrett L Hutsko (Silver)

10. Garry Smith (Platinum VIP)

Not on the Top Sellers list? Want to be?

Dig into the training in your member area. On TOP MENU select TRAINING then DO what it says to DO.
Need help submit a Support ticket, link is on TOP MENU select SUPPORT.

Congratulations…. also to our newest PLATINUM VIP Members!

Evelyn Hoegoey
Alice Boyer
Lawrence Taffaro
Stan Fuller
Steve Lavely
Kent Wise
Jerome Thomas
Terrance Duncan
Marika Rika
Joseph Barnard
Jim Reyna

Good on you for snapping up the current March Offer to get $900 in services AND increase your commission rate!

–> Attention ALL Silver members! If you are reading this and want the details on the Platinum VIP offer, submit a Support form and
say " I WANT TO UPGRADE to VIP! Send me the offer!)

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