Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Ready-Made Sales Funnels. All yours!

Members did you know you have unlimited access to…

Worldprofit’s Sales Funnel Builder (also called Ready-Made Sales Funnels).

Keep 100% of your earnings with this ultra-popular, EASY TO USE tool.

Feedback from our Members about these funnels has been all positive!
Many of you have told us you love how simple these are to use instantly – TWO steps and GO !

Worldprofit Members can easily and quickly use our pre-created Sales Funnels for the sale of awesome products, courses, software and more.
Everything is done for you including great products, landing pages and integration of a secure order system with PayPal.

Newbie friendly! This is super easy to use and you can get started using these in minutes. Really.

Worldprofit’s Sales Funnel Builder also includes Associate sign up forms so you can generate leads and build your mailing list.
Analytics and Sales Tracking also included.

For those Members who are more tech savvy, you also have the option of integrating your own LIVE CHAT or any widget code as well.
This is a unique service available exclusively to Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

At the time of writing this we currently we have 9 Sales Funnels available for Member use, with more to be added over time as we find quality products of value.

A help video is available to help you understand how to use these Sales Funnels to make money.

Worldprofit provides Members with multiple sources of income, the Ready-Made Sales Funnel Builder adds yet another source of revenue – you keep 100% of your earnings. Follow the online bootcamp training to learn how to make use of the tools, software and traffic included in your membership. Remember you can use this training and the resources to build any and all your online businesses – not just your Worldprofit business.

Worldprofit’s Sales Funnel Builder is INCLUDED at no extra cost in both the Silver and Platinum VIP Membership.

Please watch this video for demonstrations and complete details:

How to access your SALES FUNNEL BUILDER

In your Worldprofit MEMBER area on LEFT MENU select WEBSITE MANAGEMENT then click on SALES FUNNELS.
Watch the video to understand how to get starting using this to make money – you keep 100% of your Sales Funnel earnings.

If you are logged into your Member area now, this direct link will take you there:

Looking for more money makers?

Check out the ClickBank Promo Kit (we just added an awesome hot new product a few days ago)
Login to your member area, and this direct link will take you there:

Also take a look at the Money Maker Kit
Login to your member area, and this direct link will take you there:

And don’t forget about the FASTCASH program:
Login to your member area, and this direct link will take you there:

Whatever you are promoting remember this – PROMOTE as often as you can as many places as you can!

REMINDER! Every Friday is YOUR training day!

You are urged to attend this LIVE interactive training session !

Find out exactly what you need to know and do to earn growing consistent online income from a number of trusted sources and get the most value our of all the tools, services and resources available in your Membership.

It doesn’t matter if you are promoting YOUR OWN affiliate programs or biz ops – this training shows you exactly how to market ANY online business.

No HYPE just HELP is what you will get in this training session.

Every Friday
Time: 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

Note: If you’re not sure what time this is in your part of the world, use this TIME ZONE converter.

If that time is not convenient for you note that All LIVE sessions are also RECORDED as well so you can watch when convenient for you.
You can even send in your questions by Support form PRIOR to the LVIE session so George can answer them in the training, then watch the recording later.

Worldprofit CEO and Co-Founder, George Kosch is your personal instructor and income coach.
Learn direct from the best – based on his 20+ years of experience in the Affiliate Marketing industry.

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Worldprofit’s Traffic Injection System: Advertising for life is just ONE click away

We call it the Traffic Injection Service. You’ll call it one of the most advantage of being a Worldprofit Member!

Each month, Worldprofit is providing exclusively to our Members a Free Traffic Injection.
This Traffic Injection consists of advertising credits and solo ads that you can use to promote ANY product, service, or opportunity!

The purpose is to help you get more traffic and more sales at no additional cost to you.

Silver Members receive our Basic Traffic Injection as follows: – 2000 visitors, 2000 banner views, 2000 text ad views – 10,000 credits – 10,000 credits – 10,000 ad credits – 10,000 ad credits

Platinum VIP Members receive a Mega Traffic Injection as follows: – 5000 visitors, 5000 banner views, 5000 text ad views – 20,000 credits – 20,000 credits – 20,000 ad credits + 2 Solo Ads To Entire Membership – Currently: 5916 – 20,000 ad credits + 2 Solo Ads To Entire Membership – Currently: 5711

NOTE: If you are currently a Silver Member and would like to upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership submit a Support form from within your Member area. We will get back to you with cost along with details on the extra tools, software, and commission, traffic and leads included in the Platinum VIP Membership. We have a Special Offer in place now that will save you money and provide you with $700 in free bonuses. Don’t wait and miss out. Inquire today.

It’s super easy to activate the Traffic Injection, Members just login and from left menu select "ADVERTISING / TRAFFIC" there you will see the details of your Traffic Injection.

Remember! If you have any questions or need help, submit a Support form from within your Member area.
We are here to help you and it is our pleasure to do so.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Worldprofit’s Blogging System: Included in your Silver or Platinum Membership

This lesson introduces you to blogging and why it is an important part of growing your online business – and a money maker!

What is a Blog?

"Blog" is an abbreviated version of "weblog,", a term used to describe web sites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog features diary-type commentary and links to articles on other Web sites, usually presented as a list of entries by date posted. Blogs range from the personal to the political, and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects. Many blogs focus on a particular topic, some are more eclectic, presenting links to all types of other sites. And others are more like personal journals, presenting the author’s daily life and thoughts.

When it comes to building a profitable online business, this is why you should have a blog.

1. By posting frequently to your Blog, you trigger search engines such as Google to scan and index your site. Search engines are always looking for new content so they can provide the most up to date search results for their users. By posting unique content that is dense with key words for your product or service, you increase your likelihood of being ranked higher in search engines and thus prospective customers finding your site. If your blog is a very narrow focus, posting frequently on topics related to that topic helps your site grow in popularity due to better indexing. Narrow focus blogs allow you to better attract your target audience. This is also part of something called niche marketing.

2. As your blog grows in popularity due to better page ranking in search engines, your traffic will grow. Higher traffic means a larger audience is exposed to your products, services and offers. A blog is a marketing machine. For example, if your blog posts are for product reviews, you can integrate order links within your reviews. Or you can include Ads within your blog at the top, bottom or side columns. These can be ads for your own products/services and/ or you can sign up for program like Google’s Ad Sense. This is called Monetizing your blog. You authorize Google to place ads relevant to your content on your blog. When those ads are clicked on you as the referrer, earn revenue. You can also participate in YouTube’s partner program and add YouTube videos to your blog. When those videos are viewed revenue can also be earned.

3. Generating blog content is made easy for you by Worldprofit. We provide you with articles you can post to your blog. You can find these in your Member area, on left menu select MONEY MAKERS than click on ARTICLE DIRECTORY. You can copy and paste those articles to your Blog as long as you are a Silver or Platinum VIP Member. Do not stop there though. Write your own blog copy, post product reviews, review your local restaurants, record a video (or series of topic videos), comment on a news story, offer tips, post your personal thoughts on sports, issues or current events. If you are an expert on a particular topic or industry, share your knowledge to entice new business. Include a resource box at the conclusion of each blog post so you get credit for the post and can draw reference to the business or services you offer. Most blogs includes a Dashboard for control so you can allow commenting, insert categories, key words, add links, images, videos, widgets, calendars, monetize, integrate social media, add RSS feeds, etc.

Keys to Blog Content that increases speed of indexing, ranking and traffic

-Post unique fresh content that is key-word rich (see below)
-Post on time sensitive issues, example breaking news, controversial issues, new product releases for faster scanning
-Descriptive title that include at least one or two of your ideal key words
-Post daily if possible, or as often as you can
-Integrate Ad Sense on your Blog for an advantage with Google
-Add YouTube videos for an advantage with Google
-Reviews and Interviews seem to be a favourite of many search engines, they often get scanned very quickly.
-integrate links to Social Media so readers can easily tweet, share or post your blog posts

What does Key-Word Rich mean?
Key Word Rich means this. Determine the words that people would logically use to search for what you offer. Then make sure you use use those key words within your blog content and ideally in your title. Don’t overdue it, weave those words in naturally not with obvious repetition. Not sure what the best key words are? Type in the keywords at Google that you think are ideal, what comes up in the search results? Is this where you want your site to appear? What words are your competitors using? Review their listing and site to help determine this. You can also set up an Ad Words account with Google, you don’t have to actually proceed with the paid advertising program they offer, but just set the account up and see if you can generate some key word intelligence within their program.

How to get a Blog:

Worldprofit offers two kinds of WordPress Blogs.

The first is a Blog Plugin that we set up but you must add content, maintain and do the updates yourself.
The second type of Blog is a PRE-BUILT Blog and in this type you pick a theme, and we do all the set up, add content and turn it over to you ready to go. Details on both are below.

Blog Plugin:

They are easy to use and a very popular blog format. Blogs are not included in the Silver or Platinum VIP Membership, they are a one time set up fee of $49.95 US or in the case of the Pre-Built Blog are a one time cost of $97.
To learn more about the Blog PLUGIN, in your Member area, on left menu select PLUGINS – BLOGS / CPanel.
To learn more about the PRE-BUILT BLOGS, in your Member area on TOP Menu, select PRE-BUILT BLOGS.

If you decide to purchase a BLOG from Worldprofit, depending on which type of blog you purchase, once your blog is set up for you, in your Member area will be posted a number of bonus tools to help you use and profit from your blog. These services include:

-Training Video for SEP Pressor and Auto Content Cash
-30 Videos – Training Series for WordPress and CPanel
-SEO Pressor Plugin
-SEO Pressor Rank Mover
-WP Syndicator
-Backup Buddy
-Windows Live Writer

To access these, purchase your Blog from the left menu. When your blog is set up you will get a confirmation email. Then on the left menu under Plugins- Blogs/CPanel, click on BLOG. There you will see all the freebies listed above.

and the second type of Blog we offer at Worldprofit, is the Pre-Built Blog

Pre-Built Blogs

Blogs are a valuable part of your online marketing strategy.

Blogs provide you with the ability to:

-build your list
-market and monetize all your affiliates and business opportunities
-link your soclal networks (YouTube, Face Book, Twitter etc)
-generate key word content for search engine indexing
-tap into niche marketing
-brand yourself
-generate traffic
-add more sources of income from your online properties

The only problem with traditional style blog is this:

-it’s time consuming to set up
-where do you find content on a regular basis that you have the rights and permission to use
-the blog often resides on someone else’s domain name – not good for you.
-it’s hard for new marketers to sometimes grasp what goes into a blog

To solve these problems while providing our members with the power a blog offers, we recently announced a new Pre-Built Blog Service.

These PRE-BUILT BLOGS SAVE you TIME in setting up your own blog, and have tremendous potential for income generation. Some of you who understand niche marketing and see the value of these have purchased more than one. SMART!

You pick the domain name for your blog, you pick the design theme, and we add all the content for you! It’s instant!

It’s a great way to expand your online properties and keyword content for hungry search engines.

Here are some examples so you can see for yourself.

For anyone new to online marketing or for those who aren’t tech-savvy, these pre-builts are your answer to having your own money-making blog. Everything is already done for you! You have to see these for yourself to understand why this is so awesome.

In a few words: traffic, listbuilding, no work, EASY and another source of potential income.

Some of our Members have purchased more than one Pre-Built Blog and use each for a specific niche and maximize their marketing efforts.

Pre-Bult Blogs are a service therefore there is a cost to cover setup for labour and the hosting. We do that for you for a one time cost.

Here’s how to access the information and cost on PRE-BUILT BLOGS.

—> Within your Member area, on the top menu click on "PRE-BUILT Blogs." There you will find a video that explains everything, answers your questions and shows you how to pick the domain name and design theme of your choice.


In your Member area did you know there are over 164 FREE products to help you with blogging, traffic, marketing and more.
Specifically, for the topic of blogging look for:

Fast Path to Traffic
Magic Affiliate Cash
Massive Article Profits
WordPress Cash Machines
My Blog Announcer
Video Blog Sensation
AdSense Alive
Bigger Blogging Profits
Understanding SEO
SEO Sergeant

Home Work: If you want to learn more about NICHE Marketing do a search at Google for this term. Then you will better see how the pre-built blogs described in this lesson are a valuable part of this strategy.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: New Sales Funnel Just Added! Congrats to…

We’ve just added another SALES FUNNEL for you! Now you have 8 – promote one or ALL!

This latest one is called TURBO SITE BUILDER.

Members are telling us they LOVE these Sales Funnels because George has made it soooo easy for you!

One Click and you’re ready to go!

Sales Funnels are POWERFUL new money makers for you – keep 100% of what you earn!

Your cost for this new service? ZERO. You don’t pay one dime extra – it’s INCLUDED in your Membership.
Plus, you can personally USE the products included in the Sales Funnels at NO COST.

Find the SALES FUNNEL BUILDER in your Member area, on TOP MENU click on WEBSITE MANAGEMENT then on SALES FUNNELS.
Watch the help video and get started IMMEDIATELY.

As so many of our Members tell us, they can’t think for one minute about giving up their Worldprofit Membership, they would lose too much!
With the addition of these Sales Funnels you have yet another source of income – and – an awesome list building tool.

CONGRATULATIONS to our newest Platinum VIP Member, Michael Rennick

for making the solid business decision to upgrade from Silver membership to Platinum VIP Membership!

Michael and other VIP Members enjoy:

-40% commission on sales referrals of Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships
-50% commission on sales of our new SEO Traffic Packages.

-Eligibility for New Volume Bonuses up to $1,000 (This is on top of all the other included income programs.)
-VIP reserved rates on renewal of selected services and software

Unlimited access to the new VIP Advanced Training Library. The library includes detailed video training on topics including
Facebook, Fiverr, Warrior Forum, Ebay, Sales pages, Social Networking and more.
This week we plan to add another course to the VIP Training library.

Platinum VIP Members also enjoy SOLO AD privileges and can blast to 150,000 people every month

PLUS, more TRAFFIC INJECTIONS every month.. use to promote any and all your affiliates

•TrafficCenter – 5000 visitors, 5000 banner views, 5000 text ad views
•SafelisteXtreme – 20,000 credits
•DragonSafelist – 20,000 credits
•Ultimate Safelist Exchange – 20,000 ad credits + 2 Solo Ads To Entire Membership – Currently: 30139 Members
•Traffic Ad Links – 20,000 ad credits + 2 Solo Ads To Entire Membership – Currently: 28222 Members

VIP Members also get unlimited access to our Advanced Graphics Package for do-it-yourself professional looking graphic design – without being a techie. This includes the VIDEO GRAPHICS EDITOR, the YOUTUBE GRAPHICS EDITOR and the FACEBOOK GRAPHICS EDITOR.

Also, unlimited access to the following Worldprofit Services

-Personal Live Business Center (host your OWN online meetings, closing room for your OWN programs)
-Video Recording Studio (record your own videos and sent to your prospects or post)
-Audio Recording Studio (record your own audio messages and sent to your prospects)

Think you are ready to upgrade your Silver membership to Platinum VIP Membership to get serious about your online business?

Your commission increase is INSTANT the day you upgrade.
If you’ve made sales this month, upgrade now, and get paid the HIGHER commission rate on Feb 15.

Submit a Support Ticket, the link is on the TOP MENU of your Member area and say:
"Sandi, I’m ready to get serious about growing my business. Send me the Platinum VIP Upgrade Offer".
Note: Sandi has a VERY SPECIAL BONUS Offer for everyone who inquires.

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175-IN-1 Site Rocket Builder Powered Blog

If you ever wanted THE MOST SIMPLE WAY to create websites.



Here are the details of what you get when you order your own Rocket Builder Powered Blog from Worldprofit.

[+] 175+ gorgeous website designs built in – 1 CLICK launch.
[+] ready to use ecommerce shop templates
[+] 3D animated sliders for content and what not
[+] Custom branded GOOGLE MAPS option!
[+] Powerful local SEO engine
[+] Parallax Scroll Effect
[+] works with woo commerce
[+] 1 click color changing – for anything on your site
[+] tons of layouts to work with
[+] FREE lifetime updates and support
[+] coming soon pages and all
[+] 100s of icons and graphics elements

and much more as you can imagine. Login to the member area under Plugins/Blogs/Cpanels – Rocket Builder Blog for complete details and tutorials.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Affiliate Lead Grabber System is worth over $1,300 but is included FREE in your Silver Membership with Worldprofit. See it here

Affiliate Lead Grabber System is our HOT NEW way to generate maximum cash and leads from ANY affiliate program you are in. The more affiliate programs you are in, the BETTER chance you have to make more money.

After you see this in action you will wonder WHY you didn’t think of this before.

Perhaps one of our greatest tools ever for multiple streams of both income AND leads for ANY business!

And, it would normally cost you over $1,300 per year to use this system, but as a Silver Member at Worldprofit… wait for it… IT’S INCLUDED!

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Worldprofit’s Banner Promo Kit and Online Banner Maker Made Easy

Worldprofit’s banner promo kit includes and online banner maker which uses your browser to create professional quality banners of any size. It’s easy to use and part of the banner kits we have.

We also include over 100 banners that are ready made for all members to use to promote your landing and squeeze pages.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Worldprofit Nav Bar is easy to use and will help build your lists and much more.

The "Nav Bar" is an optional feature that is used with your website to allow people to navigate back to your home page. It can be customized to have up to 5 buttons which can go to any url you like. Google, Bing and other search engines love this because it tells them you are linking to sites you consider important or that are major parts of your own sites. This all helps with your SEO and ability to provide easy navigation on your website. Oh, and of course, there is a detailed social networking/sharing option included!

To use this feature visit Website Management on the top menu and click "Nav Bar" on the top sub menu.

The video here will guide you through all of the options including list building that are all part of this amazing feature.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.