Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Hi it’s George. Coming to the training today?

Hi its George.

I have a great training session planned for you today.

I will be covering the new AMAZON Store update that I completed this week.
All Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members get this store at no extra cost. I’ve done the work for you, you just need to do a few simple things to finalize the set up. I have already recorded a help video so you can see how easy this is.

Also, I will be talking about some of the services included in your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Membership that you may not even know about.

There is something for newbies, and for more experienced marketers in my training session today.

I hope you can attend. I’d like to hear your questions, get feedback and do any demonstrations you require.

If you can’t attend my LIVE session, I also record the session so you can watch later when convenient for you.

See you today Friday Sept 8th at 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.

Note: If you’re not sure what time this is in your part of the world, use this TIME ZONE converter.

You don’t need a microphone or any special equipment to participate in the training. Just login, watch, learn.

Access is within your Worldprofit Member area

Bring your questions and requests for demonstrations.

Bring a pen and paper and be prepared to listen and learn.

I want to help you get off to the best possible start, and to show you how to grow your online income for years and years to come.

~ George Kosch, your Bootcamp Instructor

Home Business Bootcamp Newsletter By

Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 8 July 2016

Review of LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch Friday July 8, 2016.

Theme of Training Session:

How to earn money using Worldprofit’s system.

How to use the resources included in your Silver membesrhop to grow any and ALL your affiliate programs.

How the Diamond Ad Rotator works, how you use it to generate traffic, how to promote it to earn commission on not just this service but many others.

Worldprofit’s 22nd Birthday celebrations. Watch for special offers in your email!
George revealed how Worldprofit started very humbly on a kitchen table way back in 1994.
We’ve developed over many years a unique comprehensive training program and proven system to help our Members build their own successful business.

Training Topics

The Sales Funnels
Bootcamp Training Lessons
Money Makers Kits
20+ Income Streams
Worldprofit Dealership 20 to 100% income on sales of various services and vendor products
Worldprofit’s Silver membership including training program
Quality Traffic Systems
Monitor Program
Associate Email Marketing System

Featured Advertising Services that can be utilized by members or sold by Silver and Platinum VIP Members to earn commission.

Diamond URL Rotator – One year of automated traffic for any 5 URLS.
Gold Banner Rotator
Sapphire Solo Ad Rotator
Ruby Solos

For those of you who attended the LIVE training today, thank you for coming! We appreciate your questions, your feedback, and your determination to grow your own online business. It all begins with the training. We teach you what you need to do to earn not only today, but for years to come as your online business grows.

Announcement: NO Monitor training meeting this Saturday.

Worldprofit offers WEEKLY training every Friday. NO HYPE – JUST HELP.
The NEXT Live training session is Friday July 15th, 2016, 8 AM CT/ 9 AM ET.

Hope to see you then!

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: 3 Things to Know Today.

Your next Bootcamp Training is Friday April 1st. You won’t want to miss this week’s training session.

Friday April 1st, 2016
Time: 8 AM CT / 9 AM ET.
Note: If you’re not sure what time this is in your part of the world, do a search at Google for a TIME ZONE converter.

All LIVE sessions are RECORDED as well so if you cannot attend the LIVE session you can watch later when convenient for you.

George Kosch is your personal instructor and income coach. He’s available to you every week to answer your questions, provide demonstrations and teach you what you need to do to earn consistent online income.

On training day, a few minutes before 8 am CT click this link under Bootcamp Training on the left menu and see George Kosch LIVE for the Bootcamp Training Workshop

Learn all the ways you can earn at Worldprofit – and/or how you can grow ALL your online business programs.

Bring your questions and requests for demonstrations. Bring a pen and paper and be prepared to listen and learn. Those people earning in our program, attend the training then consistently do what we teach.

It doesn’t matter if you are promoting YOUR OWN affiliate programs or biz ops – this training shows you exactly how to market and GROW ANY online business.


1. New Silver Video
George Kosch has just recorded a new Silver Membership Video for Associates. Our Monitors direct Associates who login to watch this video to get an overview of ALL that is included in the Silver membership. If they decide to upgrade from a free membership to a Silver membership you as the Sponsor receive commission. Do you see how important it is to promote consistently to generate Associates, and how very important the Monitors are in closing sales for you? This is a very powerful system, if you don’t understand this we sure hope to see you at the bootcamp training on Friday to get you on the right track.

2. March Madness offers END today.
Today, March 31st is the LAST day to upgrade your Silver Membership to Platinum VIP Membership for just $49.95 and get a whole whack of bonuses. It’s also the last day to save up to 60% by converting your monthly membership to a one year term. If interested in either offer submit a Support ticket (link is on top menu in your member area) and we will get back to you with details.

Worldprofit’s LAZY BLOGGER System – exclusively for Worldprofit Members!

This message introduces you to the LAZY BLOGGER System that is INCLUDED in both the Silver and Platinum VIP Membership.

We all know that blogging is both popular and an integral part of any online marketers strategy for building traffic and sales.

Some of you may have seen Hoote Suite that charges you a MONTHLY fee to manage your social media.

Worldprofit’s LAZY BLOGGER offers you all of this power to manage your social media and it’s INCLUDED in your Membership.
You don’t need Hoote Suite or any similar service as long as you have Worldprofit’s Lazy Blogger.

The value of blogging for the average person with modest traffic is this:

1. Adding blog content on your site on a regular basis keeps your site ALIVE and active. This attract search engines like Google and BING, who will then start visiting your site more frequently to index the new content you are adding.

2. By adding content related to a specific topic or niche, you are establishing your site as more of an authority type site that offers specific, key word, topic related to content, which also gives you an advantage when search engines index your site.

The value of blogging to make money online is this:

As you know Worldprofit provides you with a number of products and services you can promote on your blog. We teach you how to make money from MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME. Specifically, you have in your Member area, all the products in the Money Makers Kit, as well as the ClickBank Promo Kit, and of course the FastCash Products. If you are a Platinum VIP Member you also can sell all 215+ PLR Products. If you are also promoting your own products, services, or affiliate programs you can easily blog these on your site now too. What you can do with this Lazy Blogging System is unlimited and open to your imagination. You can write product reviews and include your order link, you can tie articles on specific topics into lead ins for sales of related products.

Your Lazy Blogger System becomes a powerful strategy for attracting search engines, key word traffic, and the sales of related products and services. Your content compliments your products offered for sale so you can attract a specific targeted audience.

Recognizing the value of adding content (and products for sale) to your site on a regular basis we have integrated into our Silver and Platinum VIP sites a quick and easy way for you to add content.

Remember, you can use your own content or you can use and blog the articles we also include in your Membership. At Worldprofit you are never at a loss for content you can use in your blog. See details below.

The Lazy Blogger SPEEDS up your blogging with ONE click!

Manage all your Social Media (blogs) in one place. Watch the video in your Member area mentioned below to really appreciate how big of a time saver this is and why blogging is so good for your key words, search engine indexing and lead generation.

How to access your Lazy Blogger System:

1. In your Member area under the left menu, select CONTENT MANAGEMENT. There you will see a link for LAZY BLOGGER SYSTEM, click on that.
2. Once you are in that section of your Member area, watch the BRIEF video to know and understand how the system works.
3. There you will also find details on how to access the articles, ClickBank Promo Kit products, the Monday maker Promo Kit products, and more.

Home Business Bootcamp Newsletter By

Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 28 July 2015

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch welcomed all Members to the LIVE training session offered every week for Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

The first part of the training was devoted to new members and those members who have not yet started the training.

George conveyed his dismay at how many people never actually start the training!
Those Members who don’t even start the training are often the ones who submit a Support Ticket asking why they haven’t made any money yet! Some ask why their Ad Tracker doesn’t work when they have never done ANY promotion!

George offered the amusing analogy of going to a hospital and being treated by a nurse who has never done any medical training! How can you expect to master a skill and be proficient at ANYTHING if you don’t do the training. Growing a successful profitable online business is no different. We offer you the training and the support. We can’t make you do the training but we sure hope you will heed our advise and do it.

If you are a NEW Member, please, please, PLEASE start the training.
Learn the basics, then progress to the more advanced topics.

Worldprofit offers a number of resources, tools and software and it’s tempting to skip the training, or jump ahead.
The problem is if you don’t master the fundamentals of promotion, you won’t fully understand how to resources included in your Membership. Those who succeed in our program, do the training, consistently practice the skills they’ve learned, then continue their training. Growing a profitable online business takes time – time to learn, time to build your organization. Promotion is not easy, you need to know what to promote, where and how, then how to evaluate your promotional efforts. All of this is covered in the training in step by step detail. If you don’t know what you are doing you will waste both your time and your money, get frustarted and throw up your hands crying that this doesn’t work!
It does work, we’ve been supporting and training people for the last 20 years. We can tell you with 100% certainty if you don’t commit yourself to learning and "doing" the craft you will not achieve the results you want. Do the training, consistently promote and you will see results.

For the remainder of the training session George took questions, and demonstrated a number of Worldprofit resources available to Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

The recording of today’s training will be posted within 24 hours to the TRAINING section of your Member area.

Next LIVE training session is FRIDAY August 7th.

Worldprofit’s Home Business Bootcamp Training, have you started yet?


Are you a new Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Member?

Have you started the Bootcamp Training? If not, why not? You get online training complete with instructions, video, screencast training and more!

It’s all in your Worldprofit Dealer Member area. George Kosch is the Bootcamp Instructor. He has created a series of tasks for you to complete. When you complete the Bootcamp Training you are a Certified EBusiness Consultant! We call this a CEC qualification. It also means you have made your first sale!

-In the training you learn how to use the tools included your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership Package. -You get access to 100+ lesson plans ALL devoted to teaching you how to generate leads, build traffic, boost your SEO, effectively use social media, article marketing, access reputable trusted online business programs, set up your own Amazon Storefront, Ebay Storefront, market smartly for best results, create custom ebooks, landing pages, sales tools, offer builders, custom design your own banners, graphics, logos, ebook covers and more. Importantly, we teach you how to use these resources to grow MULTIPLE online business revenue, build your customer base, and develop income sources for long term sales growth.

-You learn how to generate traffic, how to generate Associate sign ups and how to generate SALES – today, tomorrow and for the long term growth of your online business.

-The skills we teach you can be applied to your own MLM, your AFFILIATE Program – ALL your online business programs. -You learn about advertising resources, and the 20+ Streams of Income program.

-You learn how to check your Progress with our Report Card System.

-You learn how to access your prospects and your newsletter subscribers. – We have worked hard over the last 20 years to develop this online training program to make Worldprofit a trusted name and the most popular online training program. -You can access all of the training resources 24 hours a day, when convenient for YOU and go at your own pace.

-You learn how to MAKE MONEY with the resources we provide to you! But here is the best part! Each week George Kosch does a LIVE online Bootcamp Training Program that is interactive. You can ask questions and learn from George and other members of the Worldprofit community. It’s free! We even record it for those who cannot attend the live event.

What are you waiting for? To get the best value for your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership start the Bootcamp Training today!

Here’s how to start the Bootcamp Training Login to your Worldprofit Dealer Member area. Right on the MAIN page directly below the Live Business Center where you see the Monitors talking are your instructions. There is also a link on the left menu of the member area too. Want to be a successful online home business operator? Then take our training ! It’s free for Silver and Platinum VIP members ONLY and included in your package at NO extra cost!

If you are reading this and not yet a Worldprofit member, you’re missing out on valuable training to help you learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Worldprofit provides training, resources, software and support for people who want to learn how to earn at home from reputable online sources. Find out why for over 20 years now Worldprofit has been the # 1 popular choice for online home business training. Join over two million people worldwide who trust Worldprofit for online training and support at

Worldprofit Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch 13 March 2015

George covered a number of topics today in the LIVE Home business bootcamp.

The Worldprofit System – Associates, Live Business Center, Monitors.
Promotion Tools and Resources (included in your Silver membership)
Lazy Blogger Software (included in your Silver membership)
The online Bootcamp Training lessons (included in your Silver membership)
Ebook Creator (included in your Silver membership)

10 of Dr. Jeffrey Lant’s books – being converted into a digital format – update from George Kosch.

Recommended Tool: Jitbit.

Discussion: Why are some people so resistant to doing what it takes to build an online business?

Thank you to each of you who attended the LIVE training session.
Your input, questions, and comments are appreciated.

The recording of the MARCH 13th training can be viewed here:

NEXT LIVE training session is Friday March 20th at 8 AM CT.
If you cannot attend the LVIE sessions please watch the recorded version when convenient for you.

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years.

LIVE Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch Jan 16, 2015

Opening remarks and introduction.

What’s new

Newly released Landing Page

Worldprofit Ad Stream

Pay per click credits in Worldprofit’s Newsletter

Worldprofit Loyalty Badges recognizing long term loyal Silver and Platinum VIP members.

Also Merit Badges recogizing our Monitors and their commitment.

Worldprofit Member Profiles to be expanded to integrate more.

Bot-Detection Systems – expanded and explained

Notable Points

Worldprofit’s Facebook Group
Network with other Worldprofit Members and find new places to advertise and get traffic as recommended by other Members.

Exclusive Leads
Loaded daily. First come first served. Limited supply to assure quality and freshness.
If you place an order for leads, check first thing in the morning when inventory is replenished.
When leads are available the number available appears on the LEFT column in your Member area.

Worldprofit’s Message Board
In your Member area TOP of the page below the menu.
Check here for updates and announcements.

Worldprofit’s Bootcamp Newsletter
Every few days, we send to our Silver and Platinum VIP Members, a Bootcamp Newsletter with valuable business tips, updates, offers and announcements.
If you are not getting it check your spam folder and whitelist (approve it as good email) as it may have been filtered in error by your email provider.

Worldprofit’s ASSOCIATE Newsletter
How and WHY Worldprofit’s Newsletter which is sent out by our system to ALL Associates BENEFITS you.

Sites and Resources Referenced


Worldprofit’s FastTrack (Advertising Co-op) – No time for your own promotion, book into our Ad co-op. George buys paid ads at trusted, proven sites and the leads get distributed to those in the advertising co-op.

Worldprofit Support Services – Help is available 7 days a week. Just submit a Support Ticket, link is on TOP MENU.

Closing Remarks

Thank you to each of you who attended the LIVE training session. Your questions and comments help keep the training geared to your needs.

The recording of the session will be posted to your Worldprofit Member area to the TRAINING section within 24 hours.

The next LIVE training session with George Kosch is Friday Jan 23rd, 2015. We look forward to seeing you there.

A few comments from training participants:

Howard: thank you George for giving me all these cool tools

Douglas: Thanks George for the great info.

Linda: thank you …awesome as usual

Jane: Thanks George great info

Cosmos: Each when the system allows I learn something new. I appreciate this George. Thanks

THOMAS: Great stuff George

guest: I’ve only been involved for a couple of weeks, but this website has the most perfect and smart tools of any internet marketing site I’ve ever seen. You’re a genius… (especially teaching folks how to use imacros)

Lynn: Great Training

Guest: This is the most fun I’ve ever had online…

howard: as always thank you for all the awesome new information

Marty: love all the tools…

Sharon: love it

Mike: Great!!!!

Yours In Success,
George Kosch

George Kosch is co-founder of Worldprofit and has been in business online for over 20 years. You are invited to join our program anytime at NO cost

Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 3 October 2014

George Kosch, your personal Bootcamp Instructor welcomed all participants to the LIVE interactive home business bootcamp training session offered every Friday by Worldprofit.


Main Discussion Topics

Marketing Strategies that work
Promotion Tactics for best results
Calling prospects? Yes or no?
Multiple Streams of Income – why this is important
List Building – what you need to know.

Featured Worldprofit Services

Lazy Blogger (Included in both Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)
Promo-Bots (Included in both Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)
Landing page Builder ((Included in both Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)
Universal Bonus Builder ((Included in both Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)

Featured/Recommended Sites

Thank you to everyone who attended the LIVE training session today. This training is for you. By attending we can answer your questions, show demonstrations on screen and gear the training to your needs. You also learn about how to best use the tools, resources and aids in your member area so you can build any online business.

The recording of the session will be posted within 24 hours to the TRAINING section of your Member area (top menu)

Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for September 19, 2014

George Kosch started the training session by welcoming all members.


Why Google and YouTube are dead to online marketers and what your BEST Affordable alternatives are to generate continuous low cost traffic and legitimate leads.

What’s new..

George Kosch announced a new Worldprofit site for video sharing
Go there and start posting your videos.

Worldprofit JV Wealth Alliance – coming soon
Members will be able to sell to ANYONE products, services, websites, PLR, and so forth. Watch for details in coming weeks.

Thank you to all who attended the training session today offering comments and asking questions.
This training is for you!
The more you interact, the more you learn. All questions and requests for demonstrations are encouraged. There are no dumb questions. We want to help you build your own online business and this training is your vehicle for success.

The recording of the training can be viewed here:

Next LIVE training session is Friday Sept 26.

Thank you for the nice words following the training session.

Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 29 August 2014

Today’s training session was focused on the key areas that have made Worldprofit the most popular online training progam over the last twenty years.

The step by step training
The variety of tested resources
The level of Support
The 24 hour Worldprofit Monitor Network

==> (see video)

Worldprofit is a start to finish complete system for earning online based on proven hands-on practices.

Worldprofit provides Members with the following training:

How to earn online, exactly what you need to do as outlined in our online training lessons complimented by our LIVE weekly interactive training.
How to create multiple streams of online income from legitimate sources
How to promote ANY product or service
How to build an email marketing list (legitimately, ethically, effectively)
How to use the tools, resources and software included in your Membership to build any and ALL your online businesses.
How Members benefit from Worldprofit’s Team of Monitors available 24 hours a day to close YOUR sales referrals (100% unique to Worldprofit).

In summary, the Worldprofit training program teaches you step-by-step how to promote, provides products and services to promote, provides the resources for your promotion, offers recommended promotion and adverting options, and includes assistance in closing your sales in Worldprofit’s Live Business Center.

George reviewed some of the specific resources Worldprofit provided to Members in a flow chart illustrating how all the parts work together.

Demonstrations provided by George Kosch

Personal Downline Builder (included in your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Membership)
Sales Center (included in your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Membership)
Ebook Creator (included in your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Membership)
Article Marketing Directory (included in your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Membership)

What’s coming…

George Kosch provided a sneak peak at what he’s been developing – will be online shortly allowing Members to share videos.