Awesome testimonial just in from Richard Moyer. That makes our day here at Worldprofit!

Worldprofit Members simply do not know the value of what we have at Worldprofit with tech support.

George is the brains and brawn behind it all, and what he has accomplished in creating all the tools and training is amazing, but it didn’t stop there. He knows every piece of code in these systems and has first hand knowledge of what they do, and how to fix it. Let’s face it, with 2 million people beating on these systems, you are bound to find a situation you could not plan or test for. The gem we have is that tech support (George) is responsive, knowledgeable, and comes up with creative solutions.

I don’t know how many times these days I call a help desk, and just shake my head at the attitudes and lack of customer service you get. No so at Worldprofit.

I have quite a bit of experience with help desk and tech support functions so I know how difficult George’s job is. I did it, I built it, I know what it takes, and I had a TEAM to accomplish what George has done himself.

Tech support is one of those areas that has many unsung heros. The ones that care. The ones that take that extra step. The ones that are willing to work through a difficult problem and push for a solution that is satisfactory for both the system and the customer.

Worldprofit members: YOU HAVE THAT ALL WITH GEORGE.

People do not say it often enough. Thank you George

Richard Moyer CSP, CSE, CNE Retired Senior Member of Technical Staff from Verizon after 32 years. (24 years in IT)

Awesome testimonial just in from Celestin Kanga Brou. That makes our day here at Worldprofit!

Hi admin,

I had been doing some money online now and then, but not steadily like I am doing right now with "Worldprofit" and the training is just great. One more thing: I have got "Everything" I need for my online success such as "Training and Tools" all in one Place and this is invaluable as far as I am concerned. My advice is: If you want to learn the ropes of internet marketing and become a real "Pro" sign up with Worldprofit, period! But do as you are told and your success is assured. I am a living proof.

Celestin Kanga

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: How do I make M O N E Y?

Common Questions we often hear at Worldprofit.

Question? How often should I promote?
Answer. As often as you can.

Question? When is the LIVE training?
Answer: Every Friday morning.

Question? Where are the online Bootcamp training lessons?
Answer: Main page or your member area, scroll down the page to see the lesson plans. Or click on TRAINING on TOP Menu

Question? What do the Top Sellers in Worldprofit do to make money?
Answer: They follow the bootcamp training to learn the skills then apply what they learn.
They consistently promote as often as they can.
They attend the LIVE training every Friday or watch the recorded version.
They repeat these three things.

Question? What are the common characteristics of the Top Sellers?

Never stop promoting.
Never give up.
Never lose their focus.
Never stop learning.


Are you short on time? Not sure where to advertise? Going away for a bit?

Take advantage of our Fast Track Visitors Program – it’s an advertising co-op!

Let George Kosch buy the advertising and deliver the leads generated direct to you!

We are seeing a high conversion of leads that come in from this ad co-op.

This ad co-op is very popular with those that have limited time for promotion, aren’t sure where and how to advertise, and trust George Kosch to post the paid ads in tested places.

100% of the funds from this ad co-op go directly into our paid ad campaign.

Here’s the cost and how to get in on the Fast Track Visitors ad co-op.

Order 8,000 FastTrack Visitors and get:
Cost: 89.95 US (*****Absolute Best value!)


Order 4,000 FastTrack Visitors and get:
Cost: $49.95 US

–> To order, login to your member area, from left menu select, ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC then click on FAST TRACK VISITORS.
There, you can read more about how and where these Associate leads are generated and why they are so valuable, then place your order.


The Friday May 2nd Bootcamp is now posted!

George Kosch reveals new services you can sell for quick commissions.

I just wanted to say thank you to Christopher Scicluna for these awesome comments on our training program!

Thank you so much I really appreciate the reply and useful information.

Too be honest with you Worldprofit has helped me to build my business more in the past month than in the past two years. I am not good at recruiting but I can sell. I have not been able to attend a live training but I have watched the recordings, I have been promoting more than ever. I started using Safelist Genie to be more efficient with safe lists.

I really enjoy my membership and am very proud of my platinum status.

Thank you

Chris Scicluna

Chris, you are very welcome and it makes us so happy to hear comments like this! George Kosch (Instructor)

Worldprofit Home Business Bootcamp Training with George Kosch for 2 May 2014

Worldprofit’s Bootcamp Instructor, George Kosch wasted no time getting down to the meat of the training.

George made some announcements about new services available to Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

-New Members are URGED to start the online training lessons and stick with it.
-New Landing Pages are now available
-New mini menu added on RIGHT HAND column with important links
-Dr. Jeffrey Lant’s 19th book is completed now! We are just working on the marketing materials – all Members will get this ebook at no cost to use as a business builder
-New products just added to the Worldprofit MONEY MAKER KIT. You now have access to 59 products that you can promote to earn 100% commission. (That’s just in the Money Makers Kit, don’t forget the 190+ products you have in the CB Promo Kit).
-Congratulations to our TOP 20 Sellers this month and especially to Linda Elze recognized for being in the #1 spot for April 2014.
– TWO Super Solo Traffic Packages available for sale (or your own purchase). Anyone who is marketing online needs a trusted source of advertising, these are very in demand and can increase your commissions. Look for these on LEFT MENU under SUPER/SOLO/TRAFFIC Paks – there you will also find the landing pages you can use for instant sales.
-All Members are reminded to simply submit a Support Form if you need help with the online training.

Discussion: Deprogramming the "BRAIN-WASHED " Marketer


Who’s Logged in – how to use this tool to know who are your BEST prospects. This is included in your Silver and Platinum VIP Membership.

George’s Secret Project – George gave attendees a peek at something not yet officially released


Thank you to each of you who attended the LIVE interactive home business training.
Your comments, requests and feedback help us deliver training that is relevant to your specific needs and also benefits the entire Worldprofit home business community.

The recording of the training will be posted to your Worldprofit Member area within 24 hours to the TRAINING section located on TOP MENU.

Next LIVE home business bootcamp training session is Friday May 9, 2014 at 8 AM CT.
Hope to see you there!

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Promote this for QUICK cash.

We just added a new Ad Pkg that you can sell to earn $$$.

In your Worldprofit Member area on LEFT MENU select SUPER SOLOS/ TRAFFIC Paks.

Go there and you can see these two hot advertising packages.

– Super Solo Traffic Package
– EXTREME Traffic Package

You can order them for yourself OR simply promote them to earn commission on every sale!
No matter what business or program, advertising is ALWAYS in demand and a necessity for everyone online marketer.

These packages are STUFFED to the rafters with value and wide spread reach to a targeted home business market.

Both are priced far below value but kept reasonable for all budgets.

To review the packages and all that is included click on the appropriate link in the section noted above.
To promote the packages and start earning click on SELL THESE PACKAGES.


FRIDAY May 2 at 8 AM CT is LIVE training day with your personal Bootcamp Instructor George Kosch.

***** If you cannot attend, the LIVE training programs ARE recorded and posted to your Member area in the TRAINING section within 24 hours.

Attending this interactive training is CRITICAL to your online success. It’s INCLUDED in your Membership.

Got questions? Bring them! Need a demonstration of ANY of our services, tools or resources ? Just ask!

Feel like you are doing the work but not getting results? Attend the training!

Feeling like you just don’t know where to start or what to do next? Attend the training!

Bring a pen and LOTS of paper. Did you get that? BRING A PEN AND PAPER then take notes.
Really! Be prepared to write stuff down. YUP! It’s back to basics for you until you start earning!

Learn from George Kosch, exactly what you need to make money online using the tools, resources and training included in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Access: In your Member area, on left menu select HOME BUSINESS Bootcamp then click on LIVE TRAINING.
Enter as a GUEST by putting your name in the box. You do NOT need to enter your Dealer ID there, enter as a GUEST. 8 am CT sharp!

APPLAUSE for these fine folks….

APPLAUSE for the following outstanding loyal people for volunteering your precious time in Worldprofit’s Live Business Center.

These are the Top Monitors by VOLUNTEERED Hours in Last 30 days

Anthony Slate
Michael Harris
Pam Sudo
William Buck
Daniel Fischer
Tania Vick
Howard Martell
Sharon Oshatz
Johan Willems
Lisa Martiniuk
Peter Junker
Linda Elze
Roy Takata
Rev. Annette Lacey
Eugene Pilcher
Barbara Buegeler
Vijian Narayanasamy
Mark Walen
Garry Smith
Lucie Woods

There are more! We know who you are and we appreciate your efforts too. These are just the Top 20 Monitors by hours for April.

When you see the Monitors on screen understand that they are working for YOU!
Just do your promotions to get people to our Live Business Centre.
We teach you how in the bootcamp training.

When your referrals login they are greeted by the Monitors and made a fabulous offer.
When someone you refer upgrades to a paid membership you get the commission.
The key is to promote, promote, promote.

Worldprofit Monitors, YOU represent the spirit of people helping people in Worldprofit’s Home Business Community.
Thank you so much!

Interested in being a Monitor? We provide the training.
Contact Dr. Lant at drjlant or when you see him in the LIVE Business Center express your interest.
It’s the best possible way to learn.

Awesome testimonial just in from Anthony Slate. That makes our day here at Worldprofit!

I’ve been with Worldprofit off and on for over 4 years and as a monitor for a total of 9 months and I really enjoy it. They have everything you need to make money. You will not find another business that gives you associates and also lets you promote anything you want. As long as you follow bootcamp and promote every single day you will make money. Its a business you need to build it its not a get rich company so invest into yourself and give yourself a chance to be successful online. You will be with Worldprofit.

Anthony Slate Rochester New York