Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: Are Safelists my only option for promotion?

Today’s Featured Question

Q: Are Safelists my only option for promotion?

A: You do not have to rely just on Safelists for your promotion, you have LOTS of options.

Safelists and exchanges offer you a way to promote at no cost by earning ad credits.
You DO have other options and who better than George Kosch to reveal the BEST options.
George Kosch has recorded a fresh video for lesson 100 in the Bootcamp Training program.
Lesson 100: If you would like to try paid for advertising here are some great recommended options.
Simply change to lesson 100 under Home Business Bootcamp on the left menu then select Bootcamp Lesson Summary

Or click this quick link to watch the video:

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Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: George Kosch just did this 5 minutes ago.

We hear from lots of you who are smartly looking for trusted and new places to advertise – for any and ALL your online biz ops and affiliates.

We’ve got one for you!

It’s call Udimi Solo Advertising services.

George Kosch has just posted a direct link for you in your member area.

On TOP MENU click on COOL TOOLS, there you will see Udimi listed as well as a number of others that we recommend.

You can use free promotion or low cost ads for your online marketing but whatever you do – PROMOTE!

The key to sales is consistent promotion from trusted sources.
The more you promote the more your earnings potential.

–> George Kosch continues to add NEW and UPDATED videos to a number of the Bootcamp Lessons and sections of your Member area.
If you find a video link that no longer works please report it through the Support form as we may have missed a few.
Thank you for your patience.

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: This made my eyes POP!

We ran an audit on new member accounts, and were shocked!

After 2 or 3 weeks with us some of you have not even started the Bootcamp Training!


What are you waiting for?

You should have started the training on DAY 1 – and could have had already earned commission!


If you have not yet started the online bootcamp lessons do so TODAY, right NOW!

Here’s how.


2) Once logged in, click on the TOP MENU where it says TRAINING.

3) Follow the instructions posted there to progress through the lessons.

If you don’t do the training HOW ON EARTH do you plan to earn money?

We TEACH you step by step how to make money, exactly what you need to do.

Some people who’ve come to Worldprofit’s training system have NEVER made a dime online.
They found Worldprofit, follow our training, promote consistently and they MAKE MONEY.

It’s that simple.

-> Follow the training.

-> Do what we teach you consistently.

-> Collect your commissions.

Please login to your Member area now and start the Bootcamp Training lessons.
If you need help along the way submit a Support Form. The link is on the TOP Menu click on SUPPORT.

We are here to help you 7 days a week!

PLUS we have LIVE interactive training EVERY Friday morning with GEORGE KOSCH!
We even record them in case the timing is not right for you.

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THANK YOU TO RICHARD MOYER for sending in the following testimonial – you made our day!

"Worldprofit Members simply do not know the value of what we have at Worldprofit with tech support.

George is the brains and brawn behind it all, and what he has accomplished in creating all the tools and training is amazing, but it didn’t stop there. He knows every piece of code in these systems and has first hand knowledge of what they do, and how to fix it. Let’s face it, with 2 million people beating on these systems, you are bound to find a situation you could not plan or test for. The gem we have is that tech support (George) is responsive, knowledgeable, and comes up with creative solutions.

I don’t know how many times these days I call a help desk, and just shake my head at the attitudes and lack of customer service you get. No so at Worldprofit.

I have quite a bit of experience with help desk and tech support functions so I know how difficult George’s job is. I did it, I built it, I know what it takes, and I had a TEAM to accomplish what George has done himself.

Tech support is one of those areas that has many unsung heros. The ones that care. The ones that take that extra step. The ones that are willing to work through a difficult problem and push for a solution that is satisfactory for both the system and the customer.

Worldprofit members: YOU HAVE THAT ALL WITH GEORGE.

People do not say it often enough. Thank you George."

Richard Moyer CSP, CSE, CNE
Retired Senior Member of Technical Staff
from Verizon after 32 years. (24 years in IT)

Worldprofit Bootcamp Update: 1 M I L L I O N AD Credits (no cost). This is INSANE.

To everyone who has made sales this month….


You’ve been promoting and are getting results.

You’re on your way to earning consistent online income.

NOW, here’s what to do to get MORE sales and GROW your list.

1. Promote outside of Worldprofit.

a) It makes no sense to try and sign up Associates within our own Worldprofit Facebook Group or in the Worldprofit Marketplace as most people there are already in our program. The best places to advertise Worldprofit services are at non-Worldprofit sites.
If you are looking for FREE places to advertise…. in your Member area on LEFT menu under ADVERTISING/TRAFFIC select TOP SAFELISTS.
There you will find lots and lots of recommended sites to place ads at no cost by earning credits.

b) Don’t forget to use the Promo Code Center which can be found on the top menu when you login to the member area.
There are lots of promo codes that you can use for more free visitors.

c) To get an easy, and I mean EASY 1 Million Ad Credits visit Traffic Codex and get signed up. This is all free. You can find the link to join under Advertising/Traffic – Top Traffic Exchanges. Do this today!


If you can budget for PAID ads you have a couple of options..

a) FastTrack – we buy the ads in various sites and deliver the leads direct to you. Cost is affordable at 29.95 to $89.95
It’s a lazy but effective way to advertise – here is direct link
(NOTE: this link will only work if you are logged into your Member area when you click on it)
Otherwise you can find the info under ADVERTISING TRAFFIC then click on FASTTRACK VISITORS.


b) Consider paid ads at

2. Expand the NUMBER of places you promote.

Don’t post in one place and expect spectacular results. Find your favourite places to promote, do that, then set a goal everyday to find at least one more place to post.
Every notice that Wal-Mart advertises in LOTS and LOTS of places not just a few. You need to as well. YOU are the VP of Marketing for your OWN business. This means that you must be promoting all the time, finding new places to advertise, and places to expand your reach to target markets.

3. Use your Ad Tracker like it’s oxygen! This tool is INCLUDED in your Silver and Platinum VIP Membership

You need to know if the places you are posting are effective or not. Post your adds, then check your ad tracker daily. Use this intelligence to be a smart marketer making the best use of your time and resources.